P3-OM Probiotics

BIOptimizers P3-OM probiotikum med Lactobacillus plantarum. 2,5 milliarder CFU pr. kapsel. Lang holdbarhed. 30, 60 eller 120 kapsler.

Why should you take probiotics?

A probiotic (pl. probiotics) is a supplement with living bacteria. Many probiotics are naturally found in fermented foods such as pickled cabbage and yogurt. Probiotics are often resistant to stomach acid and come alive in the intestines, where they do most of their work. Some bacteria colonise the intestines and become part of your own intestinal flora. Other probiotics are only short-term visitors, but still perform work during their temporary presence.

biOptimizers P3-OM: powerful protein-digesting probiotics

biOptimizers provides the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum bacteria in their P3-OM supplement. P3-OM stands for Powerful Proteolytic Probiotics. This patented line from L. Plantarum has the ability to digest proteins.

The L. Plantarum in P3-OM have a long shelf life because they are freeze-dried. This keeps the bacteria inactive until they get water again. Each capsule contains 2.5 billion live bacteria (Colony Forming Units).

About biOptimizers

biOptimizers is an American manufacturer of supplements focusing on gut and digestive health. They are known for their effective enzyme products that are at the top of the category. biOptimizers regularly updates their formulas based on new research and their own testing. With this, they work with experts in the fields of probiotics, enzymes and Chinese herbs.

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